Are you looking for a gift wrap product that does not harm the environment? With our unique and innovative SMARTWRAP® solution, you need search no further.


SMARTWRAP® is a patent-pending innovation that we developed in-house and launched in 2021. Entirely plastic-free and climate-neutral, SMARTWRAP® enables you to give beautifully wrapped presents to the people you care about – without negatively impacting the planet. It’s a simply packaged and environment-friendly gift paper roll with an easy-to-remove label and a unique logo. 


‘Climate-neutral’, certified by external experts

How can you be sure SMARTWRAP® is good for the planet? Because independent, external experts have assessed and approved its sustainability performance. We received a ‘Climate Neutral Certificate’ for SmartWrap – and for all our gift wrap, combipacks, multipacks and displays – from Ecocert. This an authorised organisation that contributes to sustainable practices through certification, consulting and training services. 


Net zero carbon emissions

The Climate Neutral Certificate means our products have a zero carbon footprint – in other words, that in manufacturing and delivering them, our CO2 emissions are net zero. It was created and is managed by another independent team of experts, Climate Neutral Group (CNG). They are recognised around the world and have already helped more than 3,000 organisations like ours to reduce their carbon footprint to net zero. 




Remove the label, wrap your gifts, and do what’s right for our planet – it’s that simple. 

SMARTWRAP®: giving back to the planet

  • Plastic-free
  • Easy-to-remove label
  • Climate-neutral, emitting zero carbon
  • More energy-efficient to produce
  • Patent pending

Innovating for sustainability

SMARTWRAP® is one expression of our drive at Design Group to lead the charge in sustainable gift packaging and stationery. We are constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways of reducing plastic and carbon emissions in primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. This is one reason why innovation is one of our brand values: in our vision, innovation is not just good for our own business, it’s good for the future of the planet we share.   




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